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Media coverage for an innovative medium

“Creating one of Patrick’s scanner photographs is a long and tedious process. For each shot, she must not only consider the basics of composition and the scene she is trying to achieve, but she must think in reverse and backwards. The design laid out on the scanner is a mirror of her final view, as the items in the image must be built with the closest pieces placed first, the rest layered in order of their appearance in the scene.”—Pasadena Star-News

“Swanson Patrick takes a natural or man-made item—a seed, an insect skeleton, a piece of old jewelry—and creates a high resolution image ‘in honor of another soul using their uniquely personal possessions.'”—Hometown Pasadena

“…has really found her forte creating still life photographs on a flat bed scanner. More than a photographer, Debbi is a creator.”—Award-winning photographer Keith Skelton

“Addictive art.”—Altadena Patch

In addition, Debbie wrote a “How I Created an Award Winning Image Without Using a Camera” for Pro Photo West.

Coverage on past events

• Clickers and Flickers:  “Fine Art Digital Still Life using a Scanner

• Vromans Bookstore: “Meet the Artist on the Stairwell

Media inquiries are welcome

To arrange an interview with Debbi and a studio tour, please email your name, media outlet name and telephone number.