Pitcher of Life

About this piece

In 2008, the year before my world exploded, I met a genius artist who taught me his latest talent–using a scanner to create stunning images. Ed Martin is an artist filled with ideas. Nearly 90 now, he’s slowed down, but I’m proud to call him my mentor. When he saw my first image made on my scanner, he wrote, “it is so beautiful, may we trade?”

I knew then I’d found my calling.

This is the first image. I filled the “pitcher” with plants, nuts, bugs, acorns, even a bloody mouse on cheese and a cracker (just resin!). The Italian glass fish adds that touch of water life.

Creating images on a scanner gives me a new way to tell stories. I was a journalist, feature writer, theatre reviewer and a cog in the non-profit writing and marketing wheel for years. Now I get to do this!