Heart of the Dragonfly

About this piece

One of my joys is discovering gems in my garden.

Quite often it’s the cactus or epiphyllum flowers that just blow my mind. They bloom for a night, maybe two, and they close up and fall away. That’s why I love to find them in the bud stage and wait impatiently for them to pop. The best part is there are usually a bunch that bloom within a few days of each other so it’s quite the spectacle.

Occasionally I ask neighbors if I can have one or two of their beauties. I have a series of Telling Images compositions using the large cactus flowers, haven’t quite got one I like using the epiphyllum glories.

Heart of the Dragonfly is one of my favorites, and is an award winner. I kept this one simple…three gorgeous cactus flowers, a delicate bejeweled dragonfly, and the man climbing and reaching for beauty. So if you have any buds popping up in your yard, call me! I’ll capture them and send you a print for your kindness!